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Greetings all

Well it has been a long time since I last posted anything. This is mainly because I haven’t written anything in a long time, which is mainly because I cant seem to put the things I’m feeling and experiencing into words which also is not new and is something I’ve spoken about before…

This year so far has been pretty entertaining where politics have been concerned, which is so not a good thing…buuutt it was quite hilarious to watch the idiot hordes of our glorious little island tear each other apart over who they want next to fuck them over…it was a disgusting yet entertaining spectacle…This election was the first time ever I took part in the voting process. I told myself sometime back that I’m never gonna vote for any of these bullshitters in my life and never give it it any energy but this time I figured I should go and cancel my vote which was what I did…Because I wanted to make sure that neither one of those dickbags got my vote…I could not in a conscious mind vote for either one because i knew that they were both full of shit…I mean c’mon…Have we not had experience with politicians before? I dont think there has ever been a government in the history of this planet that has given a shit about their people…And yet people still kiss their asses and lick the shit that they leave all over the place without even a hint of decency…

What was even more interesting were these people who went all over the place talking about responsibility as citizens and our sacred right to democracy…And anyone who doesn’t vote can’t say anything about the fucked up situation in the country…Well fuck you…I will do whatever the fuck I want and that’s my right as a citizen of this planet…Its not me being irresponsible it’s you…You’re the one who’s fueling this disgusting flame not me…I refuse to be a part of that…My responsibility as a citizen of Planet Earth is to live peacefully without causing any pain to anyone else…And I’M an irresponsible citizen for that??? I know I said this before but seriously…Fuck you…

Do these people actually think their making a difference by voting? We would have been fucked either way and anyone who thinks otherwise is just deluded…Stop kidding yourselves…

Change will happen…But it wont happen now…It wont happen like this…It wont happen for as long as people think some crack bag fucking politician will do it for us…Change will happen but it sure as hell wont be because of a politician…

you want change? Come to grips with the fact that we’re children of one universe…Resist these ideologies that just generate more hate…and regardless of whatever anyone tells you, resistance is NOT futile…



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The Music of Life

I inhale consciousness, to seek freedom within
Underneath stars of a mystic twilight
Multicolours become one
Freedom is inside

I am a tone in the symphony of the universe
I’m a resonation of you, the way you resonate me
We are the music of life
The music of the universe
In harmony you and I vibrate
To the universe with love

The self fully revealed is nothing
All is I
I am all

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To the tribe

The rhythm of equality
Has gone out of time
You and I, children of one sky
Divided through nonexistent lines
You and I, seeds of a lie
Mother I’m yours
You’re not mine
I feel your heartbeat
Your call to the tribe

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Orange Mob

Orange freaks
Scream and shout
Tainted Dhamma freak show
Universal manifestation of hate
The road to enlightenment is stained in blood
The mob roam wild
Rabid and frothing in their robes
Checkpoints on the road to light
Liberation here comes at a price…

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A piece of machine

This singular consciousness
That is you and I
This glowing pulse
That is us and them
The omniscient web
That is to be
Flickers and weakens like a dying light
When in droves
We stitch shut our eyes

Nothing but a piece of machine
Will you be the piece that falls?

Faith is the weapon
Truth is the game
Survival is the prize
The self inflicted ‘game’ of life

Shut out the voice
That preaches oneness
From a diamond throne

We’re nothing but pieces of machine
Can we be the pieces that fall?

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From perceptions bend

Sow the seeds of justice
Upon the blood soaked soil
Collect the milk of the poison trees
And tell them that it’s honey

Reap your reward
The crop is good

Through the eyes of twisted perception
All other eyes are the same
In barbed gloves
The hands of the system
Hold you by the neck
Away from day

A medicated community
Form neat lines
For their daily shot of ignorance
Reality pumped through a needle
Lets trip on choking ourselves with ties

Where eternity ends
Is where is begins
The circle that lies without
Is the one that lies within

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The great illusion of separation
Divides us, yet connects
Together in our ignorance
Let’s walk hand in hand
To the dying celestial light

Measuring the possibilities of love
One would go mad
Lose themselves in its infinity
Drawing lines to the unconditional
Within walls made by our eyes

In the cosmic storm of consciousness
The electric currents flow
Through a mind so tainted
Through a soul so torn

The hypnotic patterns of the elite
The hypnotic patterns of hate
The hypnotic patterns of what is right
Who kills the dying light?
The killers the killers
You and me

In the battlefield of the self
I will fight
For the liberation of the soul
And evolution of the mind

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