Soul dialogue

We have transformed

Even though our egos have changed

and cannot recognize each other

our souls smile on sight

They always have and always will

see each other

even when it’s crowded

even though we may choose to ignore and block it

with lines and fences

I could be wrong

But I feel like this wont change

after all

how the soul feels is how the soul feels

nothing no ego can do about it

Maybe you’ll see it too

Maybe you wont

Guess that’s how it goes


The beginning of existence

Born from the erratic

The beauty is uncertainty

How does one end disorder

When disorder is all we are?


Organize, digitize, militarize

We MUST make sense

Of the nonsense from which we came

March in formation, stay in line, STICK TO THE PATH

Deserters will be prosecuted to the full extent of perception


Matter from energy

Energy from Pandemonium

Embrace the beautiful uncertainty

We were born in it


Forget everything else

We come from chaos

We go into chaos

We are chaos


Be the Chaos you wish to be



In the death stained fields

Of a businessman’s dream

A soul cries liberation

Aspiring toward anarchy

The natural state

Soul sees what it wants

And it wants to be free

Intend for barriers to be broken

Intend for rulers to fall

Even if its nowhere near possible

Intend it

Revolutions often begin in dreams

Was this what happened last time?

Division born out some bullshit elitist insecurity

Milked by media fuckheads

Driven to killing point for entrepreneurial tribal chiefs

Who stomp around comparing dick size

Engaging in arguments that make headlines

Hypnotizing idiots to rampage blindly at each other

Diverting attention from the masters and their master plan

How great is that huh?

We’re some businessman’s wet dream coming true

And we like it, we let it happen


Material anarchy of the disowned
Sons and daughters of spiritual hierarchism
Detailing chronicles 
Of glorious tragedies
And divine inheritance
Failing to tolerate the tolerant and their tolerance
Ass raping each other in their pseudo spiritual war
Step right up for today’s latest!
Who is more open minded now?

The lunatic in my head

Wants to be FREE!

Analyze till I’m paralyzed?

Fuck that

We are the trip

Trip on this trip

Trip the fuck out

භැම්දෑම් නෑ හැම්තැනම් නෑ

Wild children

singing praises to a wild flower

protesting their diagnosis of illusion and delusion,

gain wisdom as they extract its essence

What more sense can be made

in this cosmic abstract?