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The beginning of existence

Born from the erratic

The beauty is uncertainty

How does one end disorder

When disorder is all we are?


Organize, digitize, militarize

We MUST make sense

Of the nonsense from which we came

March in formation, stay in line, STICK TO THE PATH

Deserters will be prosecuted to the full extent of perception


Matter from energy

Energy from Pandemonium

Embrace the beautiful uncertainty

We were born in it


Forget everything else

We come from chaos

We go into chaos

We are chaos


Be the Chaos you wish to be




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The Parallel to the chaos

We must let
Destruction destroy itself
Draw a parallel to the chaos
With fingers bleeding love
Let the struggle not be in vain
Let the words of the prophets
Not go unheard

We must open
The eyes of the faceless
Unstitch the lips
Of voices suppressed
Unclog their ears
To the hymns of revolution
The age of truth
It comes closer
With every heart connected
With every mind freed

Within the pandemonium
Within the scales
The alliances
The divides
We breathe
We bleed
We weep and laugh
One breath
One blood
One soul
Can rise
From the one flood

Let the demons
Run their course
Can’t you see they grow faint?
The religion you have made
With gunshots and bullet wounds
With fables and cons
It will fall
Further and further down
Till nothing remains

Shall destroy itself
Run demon run

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