Peace cry

Sacred golden robes, trampled by peasants

Onward they go, shouting blasphemies at the masters of war and balance

The siege of dhamma deepa begins

As a peace cry rings in the peasants lips

Hymns from the three worlds

Serenade and encourage

Of the universal elements

We chant a cry of peace

It grows stronger and stronger

Until the foundations of deceit

Lie crumbling at our feet



The crackpot dance

The war drum lullaby

Sleeping zombies


New world order


Beating war drums

Go to sleep

Orange mob rises

Go to sleep

Step away from your head

Killing to the pirith chant

New world zombie

My refuge, the dhamma

My refuge, the slaughterhouse

Eat my brain

Death games to the crackpot beat



We are the Silent vandals of the system
Bastard children of confused, cross fucked cultures
Fed with illusions purity
Spit that shit out and embrace the dirt
We are one…

The many faces of I
Stare into me
And dissolve one by one
I hear myself scream
“I bow to consciousness”
But no words leave my lips
I bring my hands in front of me
I see no hands, just space
I look at me and realize
No one’s looking if I’m not there
The many faces of I are no more
I’m left with nothing but laughter
Resonating my entire existence
From within the hysteria
A cosmic joker comes to me
And speak words of wisdom into my soul
He says
“boy you aint getting it
if you aint laughing”

This is freedom

This is freedom

This is freedom

This is consciousness

This is revolution

This never gets old

This is love

This is union

This is ecstasy

This is peace

The word was

The word never was

This is energy

This is evolution

This is the melting point

This is transcendence

This is joy

This breath

Inhaled now…

The seeker of silence screams

Never saying a word

Dances like a madman

Never moving a muscle

This one is for consciousness

This one too

Here take another one…

The dance around the fire begins

The flame was never more alive

Surrounded by the tribe, the music gets louder

Who I am is a moment in time

Dancing around the fire

Dancing around the light

Singing praises to consciousness

Earth child

Revolution is in every breath

Spent in united awareness

Breathe freedom, breathe love

Breathe together

Children of earth and sky


For we are infinite

Intoxicated with ecstasy


Earth tribe

You are needed